Senin, 24 Desember 2012

What happen between April and December 2012?

Many things.
We got a lot of good responses on our products. When we combined "good responses" with "product" it means that we had sold many things. We just tried not to brag about it.
Many things also happened in our personal lives. I (Dina) managed to complete the final report for my bachelor degree. Elia went to Japan for residency and really wished to live there forever. But, the Japan immigration found out about her plan and send her back to Indonesia in a small boat. Just like the film Life of Pi.
Despite many things happened in our live, still it wasn't the right reason to abandoned this blog for 8 months. I know, I know, Sabrina. Should we make a promise to update this blog, at least once a week? Maybe. But, until someone invent a slave robot which had the ability to update this blog everyday, we will try our best to keep this blog updated.

-Hugs, Kisses, and Weird Stares-

Minggu, 22 April 2012

Good News, Bad News

There's always two sides in a coin.
If you got six sides, maybe you're not looking at a coin. Maybe it's a dice. 
We're trying to say that any kind of news also has two sides effects. It might be a good news for one person, but a bad news for everybody else. Like the idea of taking over the world by Pinky and the Brain. These two might enjoyed sitting in the large chair and giving order to C.I.A to get them some fine grains and nuts from many third world countries. Power over the world is a good thing for Pinky and the Brain. 

But it's a bad idea for other mice in every part of this world. They will asked for some slices from the cake of power. And we're not talking about cute mice like Mickey Mouse or Remy the chef from Ratatouille film. This thing will involved any kind of mice. Did you know how many baby of mice born in a minute? One hundred and sixty three baby (163) from one happy mice mother. How many single female mice out there? Billions and billions of them. It means zillion and zillion of new mice. Thinking about how they will fight each other for power? There will be blood. That's for sure.

Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

The Easier Journey

I think the one of the saddest part in any animal television show was when they get released to the wild environment. In the entire show, you get the chance to see how this tiny animals grew up in a conservation. And when they are ready, the staff will released them to the sea, forest, sky or any kind of natural environment according to their species. Orangutans to the rain forest. Turtles to the sea. And Brontosaur to the Jurassic period.
It's a mix of sadness and happiness. Happy: because there are possibilities that these creatures will meet a cool crowd of their kind and build a strong companionship. Sad: because there are also possibilities that these conservation-born creature will not survive in their new environment.
But our story is a whole lot different stories. Yet, it's also about farewell.
So, in February, we were quite busy preparing the Simalakamma's voyage to Yokohama, Japan.  We were not traveling in the physical context. It was the journey of our products, the Simalakamma's products.

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Random Musings #1: The story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Besides the informational part about the history of infamous poster (nobody knows about the "Keep calm and carry on" thing, right? Right?), we think the video was lovely and the Barter Book is the loveliest bookstore we ever know. 

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Hello 2012!

one of our flippin awesome parcel

Happy New Year to you!
We've started this year with many rad things. Simalakamma got the chance to sell our stuffs in Japan. Yo yo yo! (read in gangsta style, filled with excitement) We also planned to launch several new products. To name a few, iPad case, pouch, and tote bag.
Speaking about new products, we ended the 2011with The Simalakamma Parcel Projects. In this projects, we gathered several items that we liked and put them in one bag. In sophisticated way of speaking, we curated this lovely parcel. Inside of this package, you can find notebook by Vitarlenology, coaster by Ojantos, CD + merchandise from Frau, and other freakin nice things from us. We still got 4 packages which you can peek through our Facebook page. Feel like order one of them? Contact us through email, or text, +6287838300019.
So, until we meet again!

-hugs, kisses, and weird stares-