Minggu, 22 April 2012

Good News, Bad News

There's always two sides in a coin.
If you got six sides, maybe you're not looking at a coin. Maybe it's a dice. 
We're trying to say that any kind of news also has two sides effects. It might be a good news for one person, but a bad news for everybody else. Like the idea of taking over the world by Pinky and the Brain. These two might enjoyed sitting in the large chair and giving order to C.I.A to get them some fine grains and nuts from many third world countries. Power over the world is a good thing for Pinky and the Brain. 

But it's a bad idea for other mice in every part of this world. They will asked for some slices from the cake of power. And we're not talking about cute mice like Mickey Mouse or Remy the chef from Ratatouille film. This thing will involved any kind of mice. Did you know how many baby of mice born in a minute? One hundred and sixty three baby (163) from one happy mice mother. How many single female mice out there? Billions and billions of them. It means zillion and zillion of new mice. Thinking about how they will fight each other for power? There will be blood. That's for sure.