Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

The Easier Journey

I think the one of the saddest part in any animal television show was when they get released to the wild environment. In the entire show, you get the chance to see how this tiny animals grew up in a conservation. And when they are ready, the staff will released them to the sea, forest, sky or any kind of natural environment according to their species. Orangutans to the rain forest. Turtles to the sea. And Brontosaur to the Jurassic period.
It's a mix of sadness and happiness. Happy: because there are possibilities that these creatures will meet a cool crowd of their kind and build a strong companionship. Sad: because there are also possibilities that these conservation-born creature will not survive in their new environment.
But our story is a whole lot different stories. Yet, it's also about farewell.
So, in February, we were quite busy preparing the Simalakamma's voyage to Yokohama, Japan.  We were not traveling in the physical context. It was the journey of our products, the Simalakamma's products.