Senin, 05 Desember 2011


For God sakes! It's been one month since our last post. Elia just remind me today that we haven't post anything to our blog for one whole month. There's no excuse. On behalf of Simalakamma, I just wanted to say that I'm truly really sorry. I keep procrastinating all the time.
This December, many things had filled our agenda. There's one special project for this holiday season, two festivals to join, and one gift to all of you, our special friends. For any purchase in this month, we will give you free calendar. It's a special calendar, because we made it ourselves, using silk screen technique on canvas. We'll start producing this calendar tomorrow, and we will show you the best photos of this calendar.

-Hugs, Kisses, and Weird Stares-

5 komentar:

  1. iiiiih kewreeeen aku mau kalendernya doang bolelebo gak? hihihii

  2. poto2 produk barunya jg ditunggu :)

  3. Jeleknya blogspot adalah gak bisa reply komentar langsung di komentarnya. Jadi gak asik deh.
    Buat Sist Gita Ultra, free calendar bolelebo kalo beli produk kita cincah..
    Buat ichazutto, sabar yaa.. Ini lagi upload.

  4. Bisa pesan dan kirim ke Jepangkah? tertarik banget sejak lihat punya Lokalock nya Ria..ditunggu upload produknya ya..