Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Simalakamma and The Agents of Senses

One corner from our exhibition, Simalakamma and the Agents of Senses.

Yes, we had our first exhibition and the opening was held on 20 January.
Yes, we still make wallets.
No, it wasn't an wallet exhibition.
No, it wasn't painting exhibition.

We made this exhibition entitled Simalakamma and The Agents of Senses. We couldn't really remember how this initiatives started. Probably, Mira and Dito from Lir approached us with some amounts of money and forced us to do exhibition in their place. Probably, one day we got lost and accidentally found Lir, then decided to do exhibition there. Actually, none of these scenarios were really happened. Somehow our ideas intertwined and voila, the ideas were materialized into this exhibition.

The basic idea is to introduce the production process behind Simalakamma. Simalakamma didn't really consist only the two of us. There are several agents who delivered their talents, times, and passion into each Simalakamma's product. This exhibition is all about them and also other production tools.

Here's some of the exhibition photos, taken by Dito Yuwono from Lir Shop's Facebook page. More photos to come. And please check the loveliest text made by Mira Asriningtyas for our exhibition, in her personal blog.
our limited patterns and limited edition, special for this exhibition

tags and cards from Simalakamma

the magic sewing lady society

the sewing tools (of course!)

This is our face really look a like, we wanted to hire models for this photo but  the cost was too expensive.

We paid them so they didn't look bored. Yes, we are kidding.

Ria and Yoda

Besides these people, there were thousands and
thousands of people waiting to enter the exhibition place.

Three smiling faces and one rather weird facial expression.

Hugs, Kisses, and Weird Stares,

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  1. Ahhhh nice post! Thank you Elia & Dina for posting this whilst I couldn't attend your exhibition :'( Those look so incredible! Wish I could fly there and stole one #kidding :))

    Keep on sewing!! We are fans of yours are still waiting (and competing for booking) ha ha!

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