Sabtu, 09 April 2011

The Buzz, The Blah, and The In-Betweener

garden table turns to working table

So, this is our first entry. This blog comes in the middle of everything. The weather in Yogyakarta, was nothing but inconsistent. Yesterday was hot as hell. Today is the cats-and-dogs-raining time. One of us had just recently discover her robotic ability, so she keep making purses, wallets, and producing tons of pancake. The other one decided to busying herself by making this blog and trying to write in English, the language which only existence to her, in the forms of Arrested Development subtitles.  

But, soon you will find out that Simalakamma (that's how we called ourselves) love to make beautiful things. We love to make beautiful wallets, with beautiful patterns and fabrics. And all of this things requires a (most likely) beautiful process. Through this blog, we'd love to share the ups and downs, the low and high, the fragrant and stinky side of our working process. But believe us, although the process was hard, the results are always lovely.

It's always nice to meet you. Hope to see you soon!

-Hugs, Kisses, and Weird Stares-

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