Senin, 11 April 2011

Some snaps from our products

Orangish Drops (front side)
Florally Brown (front side)
Circularly Brown (front side)
These are the products of Simalakamma. We hadn't named them yet. What kind of name that suitable for these lovely wallets? Once, we thought to named them with human names, such as Emily, Susan, George, Lil G, X-Code, or other gangsta name, like Steve. But then we realized that we had a problem in remembering any person names. We remember their faces, clothes, or accents, but we find it hard to remember any names.
So, for temporally, we named these wallets according to their appearance. We used names like Circularly Brown or Orangish Drops. As soon as we get creative with names, we'll let you find out.

In a meanwhile, you can see our amateurish photo products on Flickr. Feel free to ask about Simalakamma products through email, Enjoy!

-Hugs, Kisses and Weird Stares-

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  1. aiih..aiih.. lucunyaaaa, mbak elia.. :*

    *kisses,hugs,and weird stare>> weird stare! hahaha! loving it! how whimsical.

    Weird stare,
    The Picnic Girl

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